September 16th, 15:00 Schauspielhaus Graz


Invitation to the Warm-Up Course by the Schauspielhaus Graz! 

Saturday, September 16th 

We are opening our doors and offering fascinating insights behind the scenes! Throughout an interactive course, leading through the entire Schauspielhaus, there are many interesting locations to be discovered: Backstage, below and above the stage as well as our numerous departments, such as our tailoring department or our venues “Schauraum” and “Konsole”. All 15 stations of the course are linked to the programme of the new season, however there is also the possibility of skipping stations or simply sticking around for a while to talk to the staff of the theatre. 

In cooperation with the migrant advisory board (“Migrant:innen-Beirat”) of the city of Graz, we are offering the possibility to explore the course together with an interpreter who interprets at the various stations. If you would like to take part, please come to the foyer (main entrance of the Schauspielhaus) at following times:

Ukrainian: 3.15pm 

Arabic: 3.30pm 

BCMS: 4.45pm

Farsi/Dari: 4pm 

English 4.15pm

The entire course takes approximately an hour. 

A play area is provided for children. Please write to: if you would like your child to be looked after during the course. (The number of spots is limited).

The Warm-Up Party starts at 9pm with a concert by the band „Cousines like Shit”, followed by the Graz-based DJ & VJ collective “Rosa Rauschen” – free entry, party into the night! 

We would be delighted to welcome you at the Schauspielhaus!

Eintritt frei!

Premiere: 16.09.2023