I am really looking forward to work on some very interesting new projects with KIG, Verein Jukus, Stefan Heckel, Wolfram Derschmidt and Robert Lepenik.
Marta Navaridas, Adina Camhy & me are also going to perform "The Battle" again, and "Der kleine hässliche Vogel" (Follow the Rabbit) is winning the hearts of children wherever we perform. The Gitarren der Liebe are going to record in Vienna soon (two new compositions are called "The Migrant Hymn" & ""Why Do I Scream @ My Audience". The calendar of upcoming events and concerts is (more or less) regularly updated and maintained by myself.
Please note that more/updated information, photos and videos are coming as as soon as I remember how to post it here.


Musikalische Leitung: Irina Karamarkovic

Promotional video